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Children Leaving Our School

Transfer to Secondary School (Year 6)

Most children from this school at the age of 11 go on to Boroughbridge High School.  This transfer is very smooth due to the co-operation between the two staffs and the exchange of relevant information regarding each child prior to his or her move.

Other Year Groups moving us mid-year

Notification of moving.  Parents to let the school know as soon as possible that their child will be leaving. Leaving forms are in the reception area. Parents are asked to collect their child at the end of the final day at school in order to collect any books or school work where required. Parents are informed that pupils are allowed to get polo shirts signed on final day and bring sweets in for their class if they choose.

Parents will need to contact the Local Education Authority (LEA) office of the move, they will then inform the relevant LEA office in the area that you are moving to. 

We aim to make the child's transition as smooth as possible by forwarding all to new school. Where a child is SEN and / or vulnerable the Headteacher will speak telephone the new school with appropriate details.

A member of staff (Arrival and Departures Co-ordinator) will have a meeting/s with the child to fill in leavers book and to find their new schools website.