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School Information

Our Vision, Aims, Values and Legacy

Our Vision

We believe in promoting the individual child, within a happy, secure environment where
children and staff feel valued and respect each other.

We make a difference

Our Aims

We aim to:

• Ensure each child respects and is responsible for themselves and others.
• Develop a sense of pride and self-esteem in each child and instil confidence so that they
may become independent learners and active global citizens.
• Promote high standards in both academic achievement and behaviour.
• Forge close links and develop co-operation with parents, Governors, the local, national
and global community.

Our Values

Commitment - Responsibility - Co-operation - Respect - Compassion - Resilience

Our Legacy

After being at our school, you will be able to look at the wider world with the confidenceand knowledge that you can make a difference, and that you matter


DAPS vision, aims, values, legacy